Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with a blog of my own to maintain, but thought I should give it a try. Maybe this will be the place where I just throw my thoughts out there and wait to see what others think of my rambling.

Can't believe Christmas is already over. I got so caught up in the all the last minute things that always come up that I almost forgot to relax and enjoy the day when it did get here. As usual for us we didn't get to spend the holiday with all the family gathered in one place. Everyone always has so many places to go that it's next to impossible for all to get together at one time. BUT I have put my request out there to some of the kids already that whenever M and I get our retirement home built and we're moved in and celebrating our first Christmas there I want all the children to come home on Christmas Eve and stay through Christmas Day.

I want the joy of everyone opening their new jammies on Christmas Eve and then sitting around playing board games or cards or just remembering. And then I want all the hassle of having 5 complete families under one roof - of getting up on Christmas Day and cooking a huge breakfast for everyone - of watching all the grandkids tearing into their presents. Just once I want that dream Christmas with all the family under one roof for more than an hour at a time. The ones I talked to so far have all agreed that when that day comes, they'll be there.

Now don't start holding your breath cause although M is hoping to retire within a year, I've still got about 5 to go so it's a long ways from happening. Just wanted to make sure I got my wish out there.