Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Earthdancer Update Feb 28, 2012

This is 5 weeks of work.  Not a lot of progress to show this week as I took time out to put together a quilt top. 

All the blank areas you see are for the bead work and specialty threads which is just 2 feathers and a clump of trees away.  Surely only 1 more week of stitching and then I can start adding the finishing touches.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Earthdancer Update Feb 20, 2012

I can't believe how far I've gotten in just one month; there's not much more to do on Earthdancer's dress, then on to the trees and then to the beadwork and specialty threads.  I was thinking this would take about three months, but now it looks like she'll be finished within two months.

I have to start work on a new quilt top Tuesday morning.  The plan is to sew during the day and cross stitch at night so there might not be much progress to show at the next update.

She's looking so pretty.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Earthdancer Update Feb 14, 2012

I'm a day late posting this photo.  I spent most of my time putting my office/craft room back together and I still have a day or two more before I'm finished.  Only worked on Earthdancer twice so there's not much advancement.

Hopefully I'll get more stitching done this week.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Earthdancer Update Feb 6, 2012

Not as much progress to show this week. I spent more time cleaning my office/craft room than I did stitching, but I'm not complaining.  Still hoping to have this piece completed in a 2 or 3 month timeframe.

When I saw the photo my first thought was that I'd somehow gotten stains on the fabric but when I looked closer I had to laugh at myself - it was only the embroidery work on my tablecloth showing through.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Christmas Gift in Full Bloom

Last year I received an Amaryllis bulb from a new friend of mine.  Her name is Karen and she's one of the nicest ladies I've met in a long time.  Here is the Amaryllis in full bloom - isn't it absolutely gorgeous.

Here's a close up of the flower.

Thank you so much Karen.


Spring Cleaning

I decided to do a really in-depth spring cleaning on my office/craft room.  Because I'm not able to do very much at one time, it took me 3 days to get the room looking like this.

The inside of the armoire:

 The 4 bookcases; the containers on top house my threads, the left-hand bookcase are my reading books, the next one holds our cookbooks and the last 2 are cross stitch charts, magazines and books:

My desk - can't remember the last time I saw it this neat:

The hanging board DH made me to hold the acrylic rulers, stencils, hoops, rotary cutters; you name it - there's a place for it here.  The fabric on the cutting table is what I'll be using for a kaleidoscope dresden plate table runner class next month; I'll be using that piece for a black & white with one accent color challenge I've got coming up in June.

Now I've got to go through everything I took out of this room and decide what I'm keeping, what goes to my quilt guild's upcoming auction, what goes in a yard sale later this year, what gets put up for sale or giveaway and what just gets thrown away.  Take a look at the following pictures and you'll see this won't be an easy task to do.

As you see, I've got my work cut out for me during the next few days.


Monday, January 30, 2012

Newest Stitching Project - Earthdancer

This piece is for our niece, Terri H here in GA.  I bought it several years ago, but was a bit lazy and didn't begin working on her until January 23 and I've stitched several hours each day.  I'm really surprised at how much I've finished and hope to keep it up. She is stitched 2 over 2 on 28-count Prairie Grain Linen using all the recommended DMC threads.

Isn't she gorgeous; I can't wait to get all the stitching done so that I can add all the beads, specialty threads and what little backstitching there is.  You know, all that stuff that makes a piece really pop.

I think that if I can keep this pace going and don't have to frog too much, she'll be finished within 2 months.  Keep your toes crossed for me that all goes well.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Photo Again

For some reason, the photo went away from the first post.  I'm trying again.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Lord's Prayer - Finished 01/21/2012

I started this piece Nov 26, 2011; that's the day I felt like I was catching a cold but wound up with pneumonia so there have been several days during the last 2 months that I didn't stitch at all.  Of course I went through the phase toward the end where I'd put in a stitch and then remove 2 or more stitches. As usual, for me the only way to stop the trend is to put everything away and work on something else.  So I got my sewing machine out and pieced a quilt top for a queen bed (sorry no photos of that yet).  I'm thinking I probably have about 5 1/2 weeks of actually working on this one.

Here's a photo:

I can't wait to see this framed, but I don't know when that will be.  I'm hoping that my middle sister or one of my DSILs will want this one. From the time I started stitching until now, it's always been my plan to present it to one of them.

Now for the specifics:

Fabric:  32-count linen, oyster white
Floss:  DMC 930 and DMC 932
Stitched:  2 strands over 2 threads
Stitch Count:  240 x 392
Completed Size:  15" by 24 1/5"
Started:  November 26, 2011
Completed:  January 26, 2011


Sunday, January 1, 2012

List of Cross Stitch UFOs

Here's a partial UFO listing:

  1. A Baby A Manger – CherryWood Designs
  2. Harbor Vista – Kustom Krafts
  3. Peppermint Twist – Little House Needleworks
  4. Witches Wheel – Glendon Place
  5. Fa-La-La – Little House Needleworks
  6. Cardinal Winter – Little House Needleworks
  7. Queen of the Needle – Just Nan
  8. Diana – The Silver Lining
  9. Red Ornaments – Blue Ribbon Designs
  10. Autumn Grandeur – Kustom Krafts
  11. Monopoly – C & L Crafts
  12. Aleyna’s Treen Ornament – M Designs
  13. Santa’s Pack Stocking –
  14. Noah’s Ark – Teresa Wentzler
  15. Tapestry of my Life – Stoney Creek
  16. Heavenly Afternoon Ride – Kustom Krafts
  17. Christmas at Hawk Run – Carriage House Samplings
  18. Holiday Sphere – Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks
 I put some UFOs away so well I can't find them now.  I know I was working on at least 3 designs of black cloth, but can't find them anywhere. 

There's only 1 WIP right now and that is The Lord's Prayer by My Big Toe and I hope to have that finished in a week or so.


All Kitted Up and Ready To Go!

For several years now, I've been kitting up designs to stitch during those golden "retirement years".  I spent the day going through part of my stash and made a list of those pieces that are kitted and ready for the first stitch.  Even though I didn't look through everything, I think I should stop making kits; I think you'll agree with me when you see the following list. 

  1. Winter Sheep – Little House Needleworks
  2. He’s a Flake – Little House Needleworks
  3. Snowy St. Nick – Dimensions
  4. Windswept St. Nick – Dimensions
  5. Angel Proclamation – Mirabilia
  6. Holiday Eve – Heaven & Earth Designs
  7. Morning Star – 2011 JCS Ornament Issue
  8. Under the Tree – 2011 JCS Ornament Issue
  9. All is Calm – Little House Needleworks
  10. Pear Tree – Little House Needleworks
  11. Normal – Lizzie Kate
  12. Be Jolly – Lizzie Kate
  13. Be Merry – Lizzie Kate
  14. Let it Snow – The Prairie Schooler
  15. Naughty or Nice – Lizzie Kate
  16. 12 Days – The Sweetheart Tree
  17. Merry Visions Sampler Accent#12 – Periwinkle Promises
  18. Monthly Markings – Heart in Hand
  19. Priceless – Glory Bee
  20. Dashing – Birds of a Feather
  21. Christmas Keepsakes – JBW
  22. Love You to the Moon – Waxing Moon Designs
  23. Christmas Cheer – WildflowerStitchery
  24. Merry Christmas –
  25. Fire – Monsterbubbles
  26. Little House Neighborhood – Little House Needleworks
  27. Fairy Xmas Greetings – Passione Ricamo
  28. Barnyard – The Workbasket
  29. Santa’s Magic – Mirabilia
  30. A Christmas Spirit – Passione Ricamo
  31. Joy to the World – Waxing Moon Designs
  32. Stitching Therapy – My Big Toe
  33. It Must Be Christmas – Waxing Moon Designs
  34. Christmas Delights – Stitchapolis
  35. Winter White Santa – Mirabilia
  36. Here Comes Santa Claus – The Prairie Schooler
  37. Crystal Roses – Just Nan
  38. Dear Santa – The Prairie Schooler
  39. Shiver Me Timbers – Sue Hillis Designs
  40. Christmas Village – The Victoria Sampler
  41. Joyful Snowmen – Dimensions
  42. Age Gracefully – Lizzie Kate
  43. Jingle Bells Christmas Tree Farm – The Victoria Sampler
  44. Yesteryear – Little House Needleworks
  45. Johnny Appleseed – Monsterbubbles
  46. Webs – Monsterbubbles
  47. Innocent Guardian – Dimensions
  48. Christmas Sayings Ornaments – Dimensions
  49. Christmas Story Ornaments – Janlynn
  50. Old World Holiday Ornaments – Dimensions
  51. Spirit of Santa Ornaments – Dimensions
  52. Playful Penguin Ornaments – Dimensions
  53. Christmas Village Ornaments – Dimensions
  54. Kitty Keepsake Ornaments – Dimensions
  55. Candy Cane Santa – Dimensions
  56. Vintage Merry Christmas – Dimensions
  57. Santa’s Woodland Friend – Dimensions
  58. O Holy Night Stocking – Donna Kooler
  59. Twas the Night Before Christmas Stocking – Donna Kooler
  60. Bygone Days Stocking – Donna Kooler
  61. Snowman and Friends Stocking – Donna Kooler
  62. Good Dogs Stocking – Donna Kooler
  63. Earthdancer – Butternut Road/Told in a Garden
  64. Angelicc Snowmen – American School of Needlework
  65. Angel of Christmas – Lavender and Lace
  66. Secret Santa – Lavender and Lace
  67. Celtic Christmas Angel – Lavender and Lace
  68. Christmas Stories – Dimensions
  69. Angel of the Snow – Herrschner’s
  70. Santa’s Fireplace – Janlynn
  71. Holiday Gathering – Thomas Kincaid/Candamar
  72. Mr. Snowflake Ornament – Mill Hill
  73. Winterbird Wreath Ornament – Mill Hill
  74. Holiday Trimming Ornament – Mill Hill
  75. Angel Heart Mitten Ornament – Mill Hill
  76. Snowman’s Garden Ornament – Mill Hill
  77. St Nick Stocking Ornament – Mill Hill\
  78. Reindeer Ranch – Mill Hill
  79. Pike’s Peak Santa Ornament – Mill Hill
  80. Teton Santa Ornament – Mill Hill
  81. Beartooth Santa Ornament – Mill Hill
  82. Blue Ridge Santa Ornament – Mill Hill
  83. Allegheny Santa Ornament – Mill Hill
  84. Frosty Snowman – Mill Hill
  85. Through the Woods – Mill Hill
  86. Deborah’s Tree Ornament – M Designs
  87. Debra’s Tree Ornament – M Designs
  88. Denise’s Tree Ornament – M Designs
  89. Domino’s Tree Ornament – M Designs
  90. Kathy’s Tree Ornament – M Designs
  91. Marvin’s Tree Ornament – M Designs
  92. Sassy’s Tree Ornament – M Designs
  93. Skeeter’s Tree Ornament – M Designs
  94. Dog Lessons for People – Lizzie Kate
  95. Snow in Live Ornament – Little House Needleworks
  96. Joy and Peace Ornament – Little House Needleworks
  97. Hallelujah Ornament – Little House Needleworks
  98. Baked Goods Ornament – Little House Needleworks
  99. Pine Tree Inn Ornament – Little House Needleworks
  100. Silent Night Ornament – Little House Needleworks
  101. Gingerbread Village Ornament – Little House Needleworks
  102. Deck the Halls Ornament – Little House Needleworks
  103. Bringing Home the Tree Ornament – Little House Needleworks
  104. Cardinal Winter Ornament – Little House Needleworks
  105. Snowy Pines Ornament – Little House Needleworks
  106. Winter Sheep Ornament – Little House Needleworks
  107. Red House in Winter Ornament – Little House Needleworks
  108. The Merry Skater Ornament – Little House Needleworks
  109. Frosty Flakes Ornament – Little House Needleworks
  110. Joy to the World Ornament – Little House Needleworks
  111. Under the Tree Ornament – Little House Needleworks
  112. Home for Christmas Stocking – July/Aug 86 Cross Stitch & Country Crafts
  113. North Woods Stocking – Premier Issue Cross Stitch & Country Crafts
  114. Holiday Kitchen Stocking – July/Aug 87 Cross Stitch & Country Crafts
  115. Holiday Study Stocking – July/Aug 88 Cross Stitch & Country Crafts
  116. Stitcher’s Studio Stocking – July/Aug 89 Cross Stitch & Country Crafts
  117. Holiday Workshop Stocking – July/Aug 90 Cross Stitch & Country Crafts
  118. The Music Room Stocking – July/Aug 91 Cross Stitch & Country Crafts
  119. Sugar’n Spice Stocking – July/Aug 92 Cross Stitch & Country Crafts
  120. Games & Toys Stocking – July/Aug 93 Cross Stitch & Country Crafts
  121. Santa Stocking – July/Aug 94 Cross Stitch & Country Crafts
  122. Sportsman’s Dream Stocking – July/Aug 95 Cross Stitch & Country Crafts
  123. Mother’s Kitchen Stocking – July/Aug 96 Cross Stitch & Needlework
  124. Christmas Flourishes – Mirabilia
  125. Christmas Wishes – Mirabilia
  126. White Christmas – Mirabilia
Guess you were able to figure out I love the Christmas holiday, huh?  There are several more stocking kits hiding somewhere (as of right now, I need 17 stockings) but I can't figure out where I hid them. I've also got a partial cross stitch UFO list to post

Stay tuned - tomorrow I start making the lists for quilting.