Sunday, February 5, 2012

Spring Cleaning

I decided to do a really in-depth spring cleaning on my office/craft room.  Because I'm not able to do very much at one time, it took me 3 days to get the room looking like this.

The inside of the armoire:

 The 4 bookcases; the containers on top house my threads, the left-hand bookcase are my reading books, the next one holds our cookbooks and the last 2 are cross stitch charts, magazines and books:

My desk - can't remember the last time I saw it this neat:

The hanging board DH made me to hold the acrylic rulers, stencils, hoops, rotary cutters; you name it - there's a place for it here.  The fabric on the cutting table is what I'll be using for a kaleidoscope dresden plate table runner class next month; I'll be using that piece for a black & white with one accent color challenge I've got coming up in June.

Now I've got to go through everything I took out of this room and decide what I'm keeping, what goes to my quilt guild's upcoming auction, what goes in a yard sale later this year, what gets put up for sale or giveaway and what just gets thrown away.  Take a look at the following pictures and you'll see this won't be an easy task to do.

As you see, I've got my work cut out for me during the next few days.



  1. Debra, your craft room looks fabulous! That is my goal to have mine looking like yours! Mine is an unorganized mess right now.

    Your Amaryllis is beautiful; I am stitching one by Georgia O'Keefe, the Impressionist, for our youngest daughter who just loves her. It is going to be lovely when finished.

    Let me know if you are going to have a giveaway or trade on your blog!


  2. I'm doing almost the same thing to my craft room, but I had to empty it to remove wallpaper and repaint. I just bought the paint tonight and then I have shelving units to put together. I had thought about hanging a peg board and I see you have one too! I'm actually thinking of using one big one to hang all my Carries' threads and other ones that I don't put on bobbins. I will have lots I am getting rid of too!

  3. Debra, great job! My rooms look like that a lot of the time too. Not the neat and tidy room. Seems we have company and "things" that don't belong in my craft area
    get dumped there as there's no other place for it. I have 2 different rooms I use. One is quilting and machine embroidery. Right now it have a very large dog crate in it along with an
    x-pen that 2 Chihuahua's sleep in at night or and a old large projection tv that my son is taking home when the weather changes. The second room that is an actual office seems pretty neat for now. It has my cross stitch and beading in it. Right now my cross stitch stash isn't large at all but my beads well that's another story. I'm sure you will have the rest of your house perfect in no time at all.