Sunday, January 25, 2009


I've spent today going through my stitching and pulling out all my UFOs. I was astonished to find that I had 16 of them. Now I know this is more than some people have and less than others, but I just didn't realize I had this many lying around.

Lizzie Kate
And Two Shall Be One

Teresa Wentzler
Noah's Ark

Stoney Creek
The Brrr-Muda Triangle

Stoney Creek
Tapestry of Life

Stoney Creek
Dog Bone Wisdom

The Prairie Schooler
Old World Santas

Paula Vaughn
Friendship Quilts

OakHaven Designs
2008 Mystery SAL
A Bouquet For Cheryl

Queen of the Flag

Leisure Arts The Stockings Were Hung
Opening His Pack

1991 Christmas Angel

Kustom Krafts
Heavenly Afternoon Ride

Just Nan
Queen of the Needle

Spooky Halloween

Bent Creek SAL
I know there were more, but must have either thrown them away or passed them on to someone else to complete as I couldn't find them. Quess I really need to get serious about stitching and see how many of these I can complete this year.


  1. You have some awesome things going on.
    Good Luck!!

  2. Wow and I thought I was bad on what I have sitting around :)

  3. You've got a couple that are very close to completion. I hope you get a few finished soon!

  4. The Friendship Quilts and Heavenly Afternoon Ride look amazing already! I'm looking forward to seeing them in completion, but more importantly, just enjoy and take your time doing them. All the best!

  5. You do have a lot of UFOs. I hope you are signed up for the UFO contest at ILCS group. Would love to see you stitching on the Christmas Angel piece.
    Debra in Indiana

  6. Wow - talk about rigourous honesty!

  7. Could you please tell me where you got the cross stitch pattern for the Vermillion 2008 Snowmen Series? I was online and just happened across your projects and I really like the 2008 series. Thanks for your help!

  8. You can find the 2008 Snowmen at