Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Stitching Challenge - Day 3

I worked on Life Lived For Others by Glendon Place today.  This was the first of twelve designs issued for the 2010 Stitch Your Heart Out Campaign.  Although I purchased each chart, I never seemed to find the time to stitch along with everyone else so I'm getting started a little more than a year late.

Here's a photo of the design:

And this is how my piece looks. I'm using a 32-count fabric called Lupine by Picture This Plus.  As you can see I think I changed everything but the actual design. LOL

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?



  1. Wonderful design. I really like your choices of fabric and color

  2. This is going to be beautiful when you are finished. I love the contrast in the colors you chose.

  3. Looks great I like the fabric :)

  4. All your new starts look great.